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Process Improvement: How to Get Started

Posted by Emerson Dameron on Nov 11, 2016 5:58:00 AM

Process improvement is never far from the mind of any professional decision-maker with an eye on the future. Whether you are in accounts payable, quality assurance, HR, IT, or another capacity, the right tools and systems can enhance the quality and efficiency of your work and simplify work for you and your team.

getstartedwithprocessimprovement.jpgThe business world is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. New possibilities are open. With the right technologies in place, you can boost your ROI and delight your customers and employees.

As leaders in process improvement with a focus on document management, we pay keen attention to technological advances that can improve your processes. To get your process improvement initiatives underway, we recommend exploring these solutions.

1. Document Scanning
Document scanning is efficient and clears out space, allowing for a leaner operation. New scanning features, such as continuous advances in OCR search capabilities, allow for easy document categorization and retrieval.

2. E-forms
E-forms accelerate routing like nothing else can. Using e-forms ensures accuracy and security. E-forms also help reduce costs by cutting paper consumption. These capabilities support the quality and efficiency of your work.

3. Document Management Software
The best document management software costs a bit upfront but saves money over time. Investing in software that manages your documents is a huge time-saver and does the work of organization for you. Its functionality and flexibility stimulate successful process improvement.

4. Business Process Outsourcing
Aside from your company's core functions, you have other time- and labor-intensive tasks that must be managed in order to see your business to thrive. By outsourcing these processes to experts, you free up valuable time to concentrate on what is closer to the heart of your business.

5. Business Process Automation
When you automate your business process, you can easily maintain performance comparisons and track activity. You can automate approval and paperwork processes, incoming and outgoing funds, help-desk functions, and much more. This minimizes IT support needs and simplifies complex tasks. 

Simple modifications in scanning, e-forms, software, outsourcing, and automation will help you handle current responsibilities effectively and prepare you for future change and growth. Look at the bigger picture and see what parts of your process can be improved.

The first step in improving your current processes is to understand them as thoroughly as possible. Get started today by diagramming your current processes. This free eBook walks you through it, step by step, so that you can better understand your needs, set your goals, and move forward. Dowload your eBook by clicking the link below.

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